The new owner of Bayview Accounting launched her new website at Mordialloc this Easter. Like any good ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ the new website is full of surprises with lots of really valuable information ranging from choosing the best tax structure to sourcing the best possible deal on the mortgage market…

The new website is online at: and really is a must visit destination for entrepreneurial small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to power ahead profitably with the best financial support and advice.

Interesting and easy to navigate the new website features crisp leading edge design and exciting photography including some great sea-scape images from around the world taken by new Bayview Accounting owner/operator Nicole Wright.

Nicole is committed to including on a regular basis information blogs about what’s happening in the world of business accounting around Australia and around the world. She believes that even with the best intentions in the world most of us in the business sector genuinely don’t know what they don’t know. Only by keeping customers and website visitors continually informed of the latest information on the web will businesses achieve and exceed their real business potential.