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Accounting & Tax FACT SHEETS

1. ATO Rental Properties Tax Time Toolkit –  DOWNLOAD

  • What are borrowing expenses?
  • What is not included in borrowing expenses?
  • Rental property owners should remember three simple steps when preparing their return
  • Claiming borrowing expenses
  • Example – Apportionment of borrowing expenses
  • Rental Properties Guide DOWNLOAD

2. Gifts & Donations – DOWNLOAD

  • When can I claim?
  • What is a DGR?
  • What records do I need?
  • Bucket donations
  • When you can and can’t claim a deduction
  • Gifts and donations to political parties and independent candidates and members

3. Home Office – ATO information web page LINK

4. Car Expenses – DOWNLOAD

  • You can claim a deduction for car expenses if you use your car
  • You can calculate your car expenses in two ways
    • Cents per kilometer method
    • Logbook method – Keeping a logbook


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